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Get a Free Lifetime Premium Membership

You can earn a free LIFETIME Premium Membership by helping us show off our new logo.

Here’s how.

Print out our new logo here.

Have your picture taken holding the printout in front of some famous world landmark. It could be the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, etc.

Then upload that picture into your account at Prime Modeling ( For every picture you upload with the new printout logo visible, you get 3 free premium membership days. You will get 3 premium days for EACH picture you upload where the logo is visible.

On March 25, we will pick our 5 favorite pictures and give those uses free LIFETIME premium memberships. Those 5 people will also get their pictures and links to their profile pages displayed on our Facebook page.

So have fun, be creative, and start taking those pictures.

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