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Get a Free Lifetime Premium Membership

You can earn a free LIFETIME Premium Membership by helping us show off our new logo.

Here’s how.

Print out our new logo here.

Have your picture taken holding the printout in front of some famous world landmark. It could be the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, etc.

Then upload that picture into your account at Prime Modeling ( For every picture you upload with the new printout logo visible, you get 3 free premium membership days. You will get 3 premium days for EACH picture you upload where the logo is visible.

On March 25, we will pick our 5 favorite pictures and give those uses free LIFETIME premium memberships. Those 5 people will also get their pictures and links to their profile pages displayed on our Facebook page.

So have fun, be creative, and start taking those pictures.

Get Free Premium Days By Rating Other Models

From now on, you can earn free premium days on your account by rating other models.

All you have to do is go the home page, rate model page, browse page, or a model profile page and rate them. Note, you MUST be logged into your account for this to work.

For every 50 times you rate models, you will get 1 free premium day.  The system is full automatic.  All you have to do is be logged into your Prime Modeling account and rate other models.  The system will automatically upgrade you within a few hours and email you to tell you.


New Feature - Become a Featured Profile on Prime Modeling

We are offering a new feature for our members. Now, we are offering a premium service called the Prime Modeling Featured Profile.

If you sign up for the Featured Profile Service you will receive all of the following for an entire week:

  • Your picture, name, and a link to your Prime Modeling profile page on the Prime Modeling homepage
  •  Your picture, name, and a link to your Prime Modeling profile page on the Prime Modeling browse page
  • Your picture, name, and a link to your Prime Modeling profile page on the Prime Modeling rating page
  • Your picture, name, and a link to your Prime Modeling profile page on the Prime Modeling Facebook page

This will literally put your face in front of tens of thousands of people.  This is a premium service designed for the very serious prospective model.

To learn more about the service or sign up, login to your Prime Modeling Profile and then click on the Featured profile link.  You can also go the page directly (if you’re logged in) by visiting the following link.

Prime Modeling Featured Profile

We’re Now on Facebook

Connect with us on Facebook at

Follow Us On Twitter

Follow us on twitter at

It’s tied into our blog.  That way, each time we post a blog entry, you’ll be automatically notified through Twitter. It couldn’t be any easier.

New CSS Message Boxes

You’ll notice in a few places that we’re using some new CSS message boxes.  You’ll notice them primarily when you’re updating things in your account.  You’ll see these nice, noticeable green boxes letting you know the update worked.  You may also see some red ones here and there when there is some sort of error.

Yes, this looks cooler and makes us a little more Web 2.0 (CSS, social networking, tons of AJAX) , but much more importantly, it helps our users.  The more clear, easy to use, and intuitive the interface is, the more satisfied our users will be, and the better we’re ultimately do.

Cleaner and Faster Profile and Image Viewing

We’re always trying to make the site as fast and as easy-to-use as we can.

Awhile ago, we put in some cool image loading and transitions.  When you’d click to enlarge, it would grey out the screen and stuff.  You could press next and it would zoom around and resize the window for it.  It looked pretty cool.

The problem is that this used a rather large javascript library.  And, while it was cool, it was slowing down every profile page load because of the javascript library it had to include.  So, we decide to take it back a little bit.  When you click on an image, it just goes to another page with the images on there.  This significantly decreased the loading speed of the profile pages.  It will also allow us to track image views (so we know the top viewed images) and comment on specific images instead of just the profiles.  Look for these features coming soon.

Site Upgraded - Faster Loading

The other day we did some upgrading on the site.  All of the upgrades were transparent.  The only thing you will notice is that things load faster.

Without getting into it too much, we did some upgrades to Apache.  Apache is the server that runs Prime Modeling.  There are certain tweeks you can do to Apache to speed up the site.  These things relate mainly to caching.  Long story short, we increased the caching that your browser will use on our site.

To reiterate, there is nothing different about how the site works.  The only difference is that it will work faster.

New Feature - Agencies Can Request More Images

We have launched a new features.

Now, from any profile page, an agency can easily request more pictures in a single click.  This lets you know that they are interested without any real work from the agency.  They may be on the fence about you and haven’t made up their mind yet.  This feature aims to solve this.

New Feature - Comment on Profiles

In response to user requests, we have added the ability to comment on profiles.

In keeping with our theme of open access, anyone can comment on any profile at anytime.  The comments are displayed on the bottom of the profile page.  Comments are visible to anyone that visits our website.

You may want to say that you like someone’s look or you may want to say that you don’t.  Whatever you want to say, go ahead and say it.  We will moderate comments to delete anything inappropriate.

If someone comments on your profile, you will automatically be sent an email letting you know.

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